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Looking for HR- Solutions? Whether you are a start-up or MSMEs we are here to support you.

Our services are aimed to address and solve critical issues for MSMEs. We guide and advice on issues related to human capital within a variety of sectors, policies and procedures, developing and implementing human resource models. Our team of Consultants have extensive experience consulting, implementing HR policies, and resolving HR issues. They work in close coordination with business owners and managers to improve operations and efficiency and achieve organizational goals. Our services like talent acquisition and management, HR operations, L&D are just a few examples, we can customize a strategy for your business understanding that every company has a different set of requirements. As our client you will be able to resolve all minor obstacles, allowing you to focus more and grow dramatically in your respective field as a new start-up business.
Our services are customized to meet the needs of start-up and established business seeking executive level HR support on a short term, interim and also project basis.

Short Term

The client can avail senior level HR expertise when they are experiencing an expansion, gap in deliveries from the HR team or implementation of policies, processes or any software. Our client get access to support and guidance of a specialized HR Officer aligned with the business needs when they are not willing to employ a full-time resource. This serves as a cost-effective solution with flexibility and high-level expertise.


We provide HR expertise with a short duration of 1-6 months(extended as required) when companies are experiencing change, sudden departure of a HR talent, mergers and acquisitions, building HR structure, covering absence of the maternity or paternity leaves, etc. HRletes offers solutions during the interim period setting a culture of accountability and responsibility within the organization.

Project Basis

We specialize to support our client in short- or long-term projects of talent management, engagements, D&I initiative, HR software implementation, PMS, R&R and others as per client’s need.

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