AboutAbout us

HRletes is committed to enable startup and midsize organization run, manage and grow their businesses successfully. We offer a platform to help the entrepreneur address business challenges through a broad array of support services.


All of our services are simplified, customer friendly and led by experts with strict adherence to agreed timelines. . Since its inception, We have helped small businesses and start ups in hiring talent, talent management and developments through a team of specialists, consultants and professionals with nominal budgets.


HRletes intend to develop an ecosystem which could bridge the gap between available on-demand talent and business requirements.

Who are you?

The freelance consulting model is becoming prevalent in start-up ecosystem with cost effective talent. They prefer the freelancers than full time resources to cut down the hiring costs, training, and other liabilities​

With a disbalance between demand and supply of talented professionals small and mid-size businesses are now exploring on-demand workforce to fill the skills gap. HRletes help them in engaging with flexible staff, while keeping the overhead down. We provide better access to talent with cost-effective and timely project deliveries​

Self-employed people are typically entrepreneurs who concentrate their efforts on creating a firm or brand. They own organizations with an operational structure and a brand to build and market. HRletes intend to help their brand to scale and achieve set goals by providing operational support and complete business consultation. With a variety of services through freelance consulting model we focus to streamline their business at nominal cost. Self-employed people focus on fostering favourable professional relationships with clients and their employees.​

Vision & mission

To be globally recognized Empathetic and Collaborative HR Consulting Partner

To Support and Collaborate with small to mid size businesses and develop hassle free HR systems and processes

Our values


You are understood and valued

You will find consistency in our values and actions

You would be considered, attended and served as per you business needs

You will experience responsibility and proactiveness with outcome ownership

How we work

Our business model is based on design thinking concept which we use to create and deliver solutions. It encourages us in creating alternatives and new possibilities around problem solving for our clients

We follow the LETES process for business deliveries

L isten – Understanding your concerns and challenges by listening and asking meaningful questions
E mpathise – Your paint points are observed and felt within your frame of reference
T actful – Discussing, exploring and designing tailor made delivery models for your business
E ffective – Examine what works for you and what doesn’t
S olution – Deciding on a customized and compatible course of action to solve your problems